Ira Unamboowe Graduate Student Travel Grants

AISLS will make a travel grant of $350 to any graduate student who gives a paper or acts as a discussant concerning Sri Lanka at the 2017 Annual Conference on South Asia at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. These awards are named after Ira Unamboowe, the Executive Director of the AISLS Colombo Center form 2004 to 2015.  Applicants must be individual members of AISLS as of April 1st, 2017, or enrolled at an institution that is a member of the AISLS. Individuals living in Madison at the time of the conference and persons who have been awarded this grant on two previous occasions are not eligible.

Individuals whose papers are accepted for the conference program should contact John Rogers at rogersjohnd [at] as soon as possible after presenting their paper, and provide the following information.

        1) your name and the university where you are enrolled as a graduate student
        2) the title of your paper
        3) a statement that you presented the paper in person
        4) whether or not you are a US citizen (this does not affect eligibility)
        5) the address where you want your check sent