This section provides links to basic information, such as geographical and demographic characteristics, on Sri Lanka.

  1. The CIA World Factbook section on Sri Lanka contains many brief descriptions, facts, statistics, and maps.
  2. The BBC historical timeline of major events is still being updated as of 2017.
  3. the Country Overview on the webpage of the Sri Lankan government
  4. current and recent statistics at the site of the Sri Lanka national Department of Census and Statistics
  5. The Sri Lankan government’s webpage on gender statistics includes links to four online publications containing extensive collections of historical and current data on gender situations and roles.
  6. Lankapura: Historical images of Sri Lanka is a collection that includes photos, videos, maps, art, e-books, etc.
  7. The Asian Development Bank’s 1999 briefing paper on women in Sri Lanka, before going into gender issues specifically relevant to banking, provides two more general sections: “Women in Sri Lanka – Development Context” and “Current Issues for Sri Lankan Women.”
  8. The UNICEF Sri Lanka page contains information on current issues in Sri Lanka, many of them specifically relevant to women, such as breastfeeding and domestic violence, and it includes a summary of the situation of children and women.