Make a Donation to AISLS

Most AISLS income comes from grants from US government agencies and private foundations.

Funds raised from donations, while relatively modest, are especially important to AISLS because they allow us to support activities that fall outside the interests of our major donors.  Donations are also important as expressions of support at a time when US government funds for international education are being reduced.

We offer donors two choices.  They can designate their contribution to support conference travel grants and dissertation planning grants for graduate students who are not US citizens.  Alternatively, donors can make an unrestricted contribution.  These gifts provide AISLS with the means to maintain other programs not supported through our major grants.  Donations may be made online with a credit card or by check.

Contribute online by credit card

To make a contribution, click on a donation option below.  You will be directed to a secure shopping cart.  AISLS uses the PayPal system for collecting online contributions.

Student Grants for non-US Citizens Donation
Unrestricted Donation

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Other amount:  $

Contribute by check

To contribute by mail, please make a check out to AISLS and send to:

John Rogers
155 Pine St.
Belmont MA 02478, USA.

Please include your name and email address, and indicate if you wish your contribution to be unrestricted or to be designated for student grants.

The American Institute for Sri Lankan Studies is a United States registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit academic organization.  As described in Internal Revenue Service Publication 526, donations to AISLS may be tax deductible.