The AISLS Colombo center library has an excellent collection of textbooks, dictionaries and reference books useful for studying Tamil and Sinhala. Some textbooks include audio or audio-visual components. The following resources are also useful.

  • A Colloquial Sinhalese Reader
    Published by the late M.W. Sugathapala de Silva in 1971, and reproduced here with the permission of his heirs. It may be downloaded for personal use only. A few hard copies are available from Dr. de Silva’s heirs through
  • Cornell University Language Resource Center
    Offers for sale a range of instructional materials for Sinhala that were developed at Cornell University. The sales list includes a 2011 course package (textbook & DVD) for colloquial Sinhala and the only available textbook for literary Sinhala (1974). They also still carry the classic colloquial Sinhala course (1968).