Theresa McGarry has an M.A. in TESOL from Temple University of Osaka and a PhD in linguistics from the University of South Carolina. She was a Peace Corps English instructor in Sri Lanka 1994-7 and has been the coordinator of the TESOL Graduate Certificate Program at East Tennessee State University since 2004.

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Cate Strain is an Associate Professor of English at Northeast State Community College and has been teaching at Northeast State since 2004, first as adjunct faculty and then full-time faculty since 2006.

Prof. Strain first encountered the Ramayana as an instructor for Northeast State’s ENGL 2330 course (World Literature) using The Norton Anthology of World Literature, and later in Northeast State’s ENGL 2180 (Myth and Tradition) using Donna Rosenberg’s World Mythology: An Anthology of the Great Myths and Epics.  She has noted consistent student enthusiasm for the Ramayana, a work seldom encountered by students in Upper East Tennessee.  Prof. Strain has developed group assignments using online resources, has created original assignments involving the characters in the Ramayana, and has delivered in-house workshops and a conference paper on lessons learned from the Ramayana.

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